Signs And Symptoms Of Asbestosis

September 14, 2012 at 2:27 pm

Asbestosis is a complication that is brought about by the inhalation of asbestos for a long period of time. By definition, asbestosis is a serious and long term lung disease that is characterized by a progressive and irreversible scaring of the lung tissues which impairs breathing in the long run.

Asbestosis causes an individual to have difficulty in breathing because it makes it almost impossible for carbon dioxide and oxygen to pass through the lungs. Asbestosis has a latency period of between 10 to 20 years. Symptoms vary from person to person. Here are some of the signs and symptoms of asbestosis:

  • The main symptoms is shortness of breath
  • If you experience a persistent cough with mucus on it, you are most likely having asbestosis.
  • Chest pains may also be an indicator of asbestosis.
  • If you also experience tightness of the chest, you may also be suffering from asbestosis
  • If you experience a dry and crackling sound when you inhale, then, you may be having asbestos.
  • Loss of appetite may also be an indicator of asbestosis.

There may be many others signs and symptoms of asbestosis. However, the listed above are the major symptoms. If you notice that you have the said signs and symptoms, it is best to seek the diagnosis of a professional.