Risk Factors For Asbestos

September 13, 2012 at 2:27 pm

There are several risk factors associated with asbestos and how it affects individuals. Asbestos does not have equal effect on each person but its effects vary as per the following factors:

  • Concentration of Asbestos Exposure

What quantity of asbestos were you exposed to? The concentration of asbestos fibers that you were exposed to determines to a great extent the health effect the asbestos fibers will have on your body.

  • Duration of Exposure

How long were you exposed to asbestos? Time period matters because the health of those people who have been exposed for longer time durations are often more adversely affected than those exposed to asbestos over short periods of time.

  • The Frequency of Exposure

How often do you come into contact with asbestos? Those who are always breathing asbestos are more likely to develop asbestos related complications over a shorter period of time than those who are less frequently exposed to asbestos.

  • Individual risk factors

Aside from the mentioned risk factors, there are other asbestos risk factors that determine how adverse the effects of asbestos are on an individual’s health. These individual risk factors may include use of drugs harmful to the heart, smoking, presence of heart related diseases on an individual among many other personal risk factors.